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Holiday Core Exercise Calendar

Here's a daily exercise schedule to follow to strengthen your core and make it throught the Holidays!

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Healthy Recipe's

We wanted to take this opportunity to say "Thanks!" to all of our patients who made it out last Thursday for our Eat Well workshop!  We hope you enjoyed the experience and were inspired to make some healthy changes to you and your families dietary habits.  We would also like to give you another source of great recipes,, is an awesome website that's loaded with Paleo recipes.  Also here's a link from on Califlower Breadsticks:



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Fish Oil Concerns

As I mention in our 1/2 Hour to Health, and Nutrition workshops, Fish Oils are one of the three supplements that I feel everyone should be taking on a daily basis.  That being said, I also warn that most fish oil supplements that are purchased a local chain stores are from a farm raised source of fish.  The following is a great article in regards to the toxins associated with these types of fish oils.

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Here Comes Allergy Season!

Well Spring is in the air and as you can tell so is the pollen!  We've received numerous questions in regards to what are the best "Natural" alternatives to using the OTC medications, so here goes.  Allergies and Allergy induced Asthma are the result of overexposure to a substance or substances that the body can longer tolerate, as a result an inflammatory response is the body's last defense.  This inflammatory response is responsible for the allergy symptoms.  The goal then is to reduce the body's inflammatory response.  First we have to reduce any food groups that cause inflammation

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Vitamin K Shots and Newborns

For all of our expecting mothers and fathers out there.  Having a child is an exciting and stressfull time all at once.  I remember each time one of our children were about to be born dealing with the "what if" scenario's of all the things that can happen during this amazing time in our lives.  That being said, after the baby arrives, then comes the question of vaccines and "routine" injections, the following is a link regarding Vit. K and some considerations.

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Children and Drugs

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Happy National Jelly Bean Day!

Did you know that 1 oz. of jelly beans has 105 calories, 26 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of fat, weighs 28.35 grams and has no cholesrerol? Also, don't forget to turn in your vote for how many jelly beans are in the jar at the front desk. Whoever has the closest guess will win a cervical pillow!! Good luck.

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Why Am I A Chiropractor?

I have been asked this question throughout my entire career, and I always seemed to have an extremely thorough response:

Sometimes I would focus on the Central Nervous System and how this is the master controller of your entire body.

Sometimes I would talk about the above, down, and inside out philosophy when it comes to your health.

Sometimes I would introduce how the body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism.

All of these responses seemed to capture the essence of why I am a Chiropractor, but then I started thinking…

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